January 1, 2011


Personal Information
Name Kaiserkoenig
Nationality German
Date of Birth 08/04
Place of Birth Zittau, Germany
Residence Mayen, Germany
Occupation Engine driver
Hobbies Football, ice hockey
Favourite Team Ferrari
Favourite Track Montréal
Favourite Car BMW
Favourite Drink Beer
Favourite Food Pizza
Favourite Music Rock, alternative rock
PGR Formula One Stats
Constructors Mercedes (2011-2016), Ferrari (2009-2010)
Team Planetgenerally.de Juniors (2012-2016)
Grand Prix entered 48
Highest grid position 4 (3x)
Highest race finish 4 (2x)
Points 23
World Championships 0
Greatest success 10th in 2009 PGR F1 World Driver's Championship
(status before the 2016 Australian GP)