October 24, 2011

Majortom about PGR F1

This interview was held by Reh on Friday 21st October 2011.

Question: I'm here with Majortom, recently designated Generally Wizard, PGR F1 vice-champion, one of the chief organizators of the PGR F1 and some say the fastest race evaulator in the world. Nine days until the series has its beginning for the third time and you can see the clock ticking down on the PGR F1 Website. Majortom, discribe your feelings!
Majortom: Exactly like all drivers, I am very much tense on the start of the new season. The expansion with international drivers promises many new impulses for the championship. At the moment nobody can say, how the new championship ranking will develop.

Question: The start of the series has been announced five days ago and today the official game pack has been released, were you involved in the car developing process?
Majortom: Yes, I was involved in car development, however physics and settings only. Together with Rudy Oosterndijk we passed intensive tests respecting the handling and strategy. The basic design comes from XYY.

Question: What was important, what is the handling of the cars like and why?
Majortom: Differently as the cars from last year driving like a rail, it was the goal to put the driver into the foreground. No longer driving so easily and particularly with wearing out tires, the new cars demand the full use from the driver. This allows different strategies with pitstops. Last year it was clear: fewer stops is always faster. This is no longer valid this year.

Question: Though all the organization Rudy seemed to be the spokesman, but what was your role? How would you rate Rudy's work?
Majortom: Without exaggerating, I would say that Rudy does a great job. He is one of the driving strengths, that brought the PGR F1 forward again . My task happens more in the background. In the running season, I will take care of the evaluation of the races and I will try to confirm the title 'fastest race evaulator in the world'.

Question: You are the PGR F1 vice-champion, are you going for the title this year? Are there some special tactics?
Majortom: Since I am involved strongly in the race evaluation, I don't strive for a series of victories. Otherwise, rumors of advantages arise quickly. But I think the strong driver-field will give me no opportunity to it anyway.

Question: You won the RotYA (Racer-of-the-year-award) for the personality of the year - now you wouldn't, but if you sang your own praises, for what would that be?
Majortom: You must ask the ones, who have chosen me. It is not my type to praise myself. Perhaps this is also a reason for my election.

Question: Last year you and me raced for Renault F1 and won the Constructors Championship, Renault also won the RotYA for the best pit crew and the best team boss (Marc/Zegarek). A few months ago Red Bull/HSC-King announced that you're going to race for them. Is Red Bull the better team?
Majortom: Undoubtedly, RedBull has made huge advances in development. The conditions for a successful season could not be better. That should not mean however that the new drivers for Renault will have no good chances.

Question: The PGR F1 became international this time, what is it good for? What is PGRs role in the international GeneRally community?
Majortom: Although PGR still has an upgrowing membership in the German area, it is difficult to receive a complete driverfield for the F1 season. Through the expansion with international drivers, this should not be a problem any more. Ideally both sides could win. Also the international community will get some good ideas from the PGF F1.

Question: You're one of the most experienced racers of pgr.de. What do you say to all the rookies?
Majortom: I warn against underestimating the rookies. I see some promising talents in the driverfield, that could give the elder drivers a hard time.

Question: You got caught at the Danish border smuggling instant polygons and doctor's degrees earlier this year, did that have any impact after all?
Majortom: I have heard sometimes about this rumour. It seems stubbornly come up again and again. I would like to know myself, whoever has gotten this idea.

Question: Thanks for the interview Majortom, any additional thoughts?
Majortom: Good luck to all drivers and don't hesitate with the Login Mode.

See you on track.