November 14, 2011

Malaysia Press Conference: Mr.J does it again!

This interview was held by RudyOosterndijk on Monday 14th November 2011.
Question: First of all, congratulations, Mr.J. It's round 2 of the season and you have delivered 2 perfect Grand Prix so far: Is this going to be the next 2009 season?
Mr.J: I doubt that. Driving with login system will sooner or later cause me to lose a race. I also just don't think that I will be this fast in the coming races. There are a lot of good drivers this season that will also win races. In 2009, the Toyota team was just on another level.

Question: Unlike you, your team mate Cristiano Bohessef seems to be struggling with the car. Can he sort out his problems within the next few races?
Mr.J: I am sure that Cristiano Bohessef will pick up his speed in the next races. He is a very talented and fast driver and has shown that with two good qualifying results. The team will always trust him.

Question: Who do you expect to be your closest contenders for the title? Is there anybody on the horizon?
Mr.J: There are many drivers who challenge me for the title. I am really not unbeatable like some seem to think. My main contenders are Cristiano Bohessef, Tuomoh, Akouk and Majortom.

Question: In the media you often appear to be a very likeable person. On the track we know you as a perfectionist, trying to squeeze it out every inch of a second. Tell us about your Qualifying and your view on the limits of a track.
Mr.J: I actually am a bit of a perfectionist (laughing). I will never be truly happy finishing second or third. After a qualifying session I will never be pleased with my performance unless I beat my practise time. Every pixel counts both going in to a corner and exiting it.

Question: So what's up next? People will expect you to win. How do you cope with that?
Mr.J: I hope people understand that I'm not supernatural. I will do everything to be successful also in the coming races. But pressure is something that doesn't really touch me. More precisely it fuels me into trying even harder. I have been thaught to always remain humble and never to let success go to one's head.

Question: Then, good luck to you in China. After the race we will possibly see you here, again.
Mr.J: Thank you and I sure hope so!