April 2, 2012

Results 2011

The following table provides an overview of the results of all 17 Grands Prix. The more detailed Qualifying and Race Classifications can be found on the respective Grand Prix page.

RdGrand PrixDatePole PositionRace Winner
01Australian GP31/10/11 - 06/11/11Mr.JMr.J
02Malaysian GP07/11/11 - 13/11/11Mr.JMr.J
03Chinese GP14/11/11 - 20/11/11AkoukMr.J
04Japanese GP21/11/11 - 27/11/11XYYAkouk
05Spanish GP05/12/11 - 11/12/11AkoukAkouk
06Monaco GP12/12/11 - 18/12/11TuomoHSGroe
07United States GP02/01/12 - 08/01/12DoncamilloMajortom
08Canadian GP09/01/12 - 15/01/12XYYReh
09British GP16/01/12 - 22/01/12XYYXYY
10Austrian GP23/01/12 - 29/01/12TuomoHSGroe
11German GP06/02/12 - 12/02/12AkoukTuomoH
12Belgian GP13/02/12 - 19/02/12XYYTuomoH
13European GP20/02/12 - 26/02/12AkoukAkouk
14Italian GP27/02/12 - 04/03/12TuomoHTuomoH
15Argentine GP12/03/12 - 18/03/12XYYTuomoH
16Brazilian GP19/03/12 - 25/03/12XYYTuomoH
17Abu Dhabi GP26/03/12 - 01/04/12RehSGroe