June 1, 2014


Personal Information
Name Shuher
Nationality Russian
Date of Birth 14/07/1987
Place of Birth Leningrad, USSR
Residence Saint Petersburg
Occupation Engineer
Hobbies Soccer, cycling, motorsports, medieval
Favourite Team Ferrari, Lotus
Favourite Track Spa-Franchorchamps
Favourite Car All of them are masterpieces!
Favourite Drink VODKA! (Kidding!) Dark beer, rum and Coke.
Favourite Food Meat. With meat. And more meat. Greek salad.
Favourite Music Gothic rock, gothic metal, industrial, viking metal
PGR Formula One Stats
Constructors BMW (2015)
Team Planetgenerally.de Legends
Grand Prix entered 0
Highest grid position -
Highest race finish -
Points -
World Championships -
Greatest success Win in GRC 13, Comeback Win in Formula Cup 5, PGR F1 driver in 2015
(status before the 2015 Australian GP)