July 14, 2015

Pronunciation for dummies: 2015 edition

Choosing a nickname on the internet is a serious task, probably more important than one would think. Avatars and nicknames are used to disguise real identities. Acting as a proxy for a person's full name and outward appearance they do transport a certain image and make an impression on the person on the other side of the screen. We asked Mercedes AMG driver Kaiserkoenig about the motives behind his choice.

Your outward appearance is yet unknown to us. But you seem to regularly pick an avatar of Kimi Räikkönen. Why is that?
This is very easy to explain. Kimi is the one who reminds me of myself. He is as quiet as I am and I think he looks a little bit like me, too. That is the only reason. May the day come when you finally see my real face.

Is he not your "Kaiserkoenig" of motorsports?
He is a nice and a quick driver but if you ask me who is the real 'Kaiserkoenig' of motorsports, then there is only one answer: Michael Schumacher. Thinking about it, Kimi cannot objectively be ranked above all the other drivers - just like a king or an emperor. But that is no requirement to become my very personal favourite on the grid.

Often nicknames are not meant to be spoken out loudly. Forum discussions are typed down and users address each other in writing. But what if you are sitting in front of your game and you need to swear at RudyOosterndijk for these unbearable AIs that cost you a place on the podium - again! How would you call him? We did our best to research the correct pronunciation of all our drivers' names:

AlonsoFernando Alonso (avatar and nickname) seems to be his racing idol.
BukaBuka means Bogeyman.
DanRosDanRos is a combination of his first and last name.
DoncamilloDon Camillo and Peppone are the protagonists of an Italian novel.
ElGranElGran means "the great/tall" in Italian.
FiołekFiołek is the name of the flower violet in Polish.
FRUKISczeThe letter "U" is hardly pronounced and the "cze" can be left out completely.
GR DriverGR Driver does what a GR drivers do: they drive GeneRally cars.
GzehooGzehoo is a variation of his first name.
Happy412According to Happy412 he didn't think too much about his name and his numbers.
IvaneuropeIvaneurope is a combination of his first name and the continent where he lives.
KaiserkoenigKaiserkoenig means "emperor king" in German.
KartingKarting calls himself after his favourite pastime.
KubaKuba is short for Jakub (Błaszczykowski).
MaclapeMaclape is a combination of his first and both last names.
MaexMaex is probably a variation of his real first name.
MajortomMajor Tom is a German pop song from the 80s that includes his first name.
MariospinielloMariospiniello is the combination of his first and last name.
MszostusMszostus is a slighlty altered combination of his first and last name.
NicolasPNicolasP is a combination of Nico's first and last name.
RennfahrerRennfahrer means "racing driver" in German.
RobertRacerRobertRacer is a combination of his first name and his favourite virtual pastime.
RudyOosterndijkRudy (van den) Oosterndijk is a Dutch-sounding fantasy name.
SGroeSGroe is a combination of his first and last name.
ShuherShuher is a Russian slang word meaning "watch out".
Trigger HappyTriggerHappy was a TV show but it could also be his way of playing FPSs.
XYYXYY wanted to recite the ABC but never made it past Y. ;)
ZGRZGR aka Zegarek is Polish for clock/watch.